//Dear Friends

Dear Friends

Dear Friends

Prof. Dr. Adik Levin, Tallinn, Estonia

It was so nice to be in Innsbruck. This meeting was organised very well. For me it was important that we didn’t speak about only healthy children. A lot of presentations were done for sick and preterm babies. Europe was the first place where the BFHI movement started. Now is the right time to pay more and more attention to sick and preterm babies. I feel sometimes that International organisations, especially UNICEF have a very comfortable life, they didn’t pay attention to 5-7% sick children who stay in NICUS. This patients must have the same rights s healthy children. What I suggest is our Congress can write a resolution that BFHI is for healthy children and it is ok. For sick and preterm babies it is impossible to use all these principles. Perhaps now is the time to start the discussion about “Human Neonatal Care Initiative” principles. It may be a round table discussion.

In the 80th people came together and started BFHI, now we can organise HNCI. What do you think about it! I hope to be in contact with you. With best regards, Prof. Dr. Adik Levin, Tallinn, Estonia.

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